An unprecedented cancer epidemic floods the streets of Cuba | Video

An unprecedented cancer epidemic floods the streets of Cuba |  Video

A wave of migratory crabs around the Bay of Pigs in Cuba Appeared in an unprecedented plagueAccording to the residents of the place, two years after the pandemic that caused the confinement of the residents, I allowed crustaceans Cross roads that are normally cut and breed in peace.

After the spring rains begin on the island, millions of red, yellow, and black crabs pass each day at dawn and late at night on a march from the roadside forest to the bay on the coast. Southern Cuba Spawn in the sea.

Thousands of cancers They are victims of car tires that cross the road. But in the past two years they have moved practically unimpeded by cars.

The photo was taken in Australia in 2021

“There are now more cancers than in many years,” said Angel Iraola, 46. Who sees a parking lot on a road full of crabs.

Scientists have not yet confirmed the initial reports of recovery from the pandemic, although Reinaldo Santana Aguilar, an expert at the Cuban Ministry of Environment, said so This year’s crabs attack speaks for itself.

“This year we noticed that the migrations had a high density of crabs. Cancer clusters are likely to have recovered He noted that this is why there is such a strong migration now.

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Tourists in Cuba who encountered a cold front that brought the first spring rains to the region They can see the cancer epidemic in the area.

Giordanis Duran, 43 years old I was surprised by the huge influx of crabs this yearBut it came ready. Using a household mop, he removed the crabs from the road by walking in front of the car.

We use a mop to scare off crabsSo they don’t kill them,” Doran said, noting that he was also avoiding punctures in the car’s tires. (rts)

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