Viral: Heavy prank at funeral home ends badly | News from Mexico

Viral: Heavy prank at funeral home ends badly |  News from Mexico

Funeral home workers decided to play a practical joke on a man who ended up doing worse than they thought.

The story took place in a UK funeral home called “T Cribb & Sons”, and it upended the international media.

According to a video clip, it all started after a man approached the place where the bodies were laid to help his comrades.

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Then the man opened the bag in which a person’s body was allegedly held, pointing to Milenio. It didn’t take long for the supposedly lifeless body to jump down and scream as the bag’s zipper was lowered.

The man who opened the bag was shocked by what happened. Milenio notes that the video was posted on social media and sparked hundreds of reactions.

“Absolutely disgusting behavior”; “Somewhat disrespectful”; “I know someone who’s had this too. You might call it bad taste, but you’ve got to have a sense of humour”; “People who have this kind of work need to relax and these kinds of jokes are more frequent than you think,” you can see between the reactions.

Separately, senior partner T Cribbs and Sons said employees have been furloughed.

“It’s a joke that shouldn’t have been spoken or shared. I don’t have words. It’s a family business and I’ve been here for 50 years. All the good work we’ve done during this time can be ruined by bullshit. I really do,” he collects. His intermediate testimony is “Claren”.

“If it wasn’t shared, I might have taken it internally and made some scolding, but now I may be losing experienced staff, even one of whom has been with me for 25 years,” he added.

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