Apps and Software for Starting a Business


Starting up a business involves a lot of minor tasks that can easily take all of your time. Looking for some help? Then we found some of the best apps and software for a start-up business.

Running a small business means that you will often be busy. Every meeting is a networking opportunity, and every work step is an option for optimization. So which apps and software can help you, when you are starting up a business? We have some of the answers for you, where we pick some of the smartest new technologies for people who are starting a business.

Scanner App

Accounting can be quite a mare, with bills and receipts at multiple places. You might have an employee out who needs to use the company card and you need the receipt for your accounting. That is easily fixed with the Scanner App. It will easily turn the camera on your smartphone into an old-school scanner. It will turn photographs into pdf-documents or jpeg images.


With multiple tasks during your day, it is helpful to have an app that can help you organize your tasks during the day. Wunderlist is the perfect app for to-do lists. It is optimized for businesses so you can share your tasks with other employees. It will synchronize automatically so everyone in the team can have an overview of what’s done and what needs to be done.

Biz Name Wiz

Every company needs a great name to show the customers clear and easy, what they should expect from the company. But if you just for once have tried to find the right name, you know how difficult it is. Therefore, this is a perfect business name generator. You add the main words that will describe your company, brand, and associated values. Then the name generator will suggest potential company names for you that aren’t already taken by other companies.


The key to a successful business is to know your market and products. What sells where? It is about distracting the data and understanding the complexity of all the information. That sounds exhausting. Luckily Shopventory will do the job for you. The app will check where you have your profits and investigate your sales trends. It will even differentiate between different locations to give you advanced insights into your business. It doesn’t handle payment by itself, but it’s easy to integrate with the next app on our list.


This is called the best payment app right now for small businesses. It doesn’t matter which branch you are into. If you need to handle customers paying for your products, Square can handle it. Especially if you are a small business without money to do big investments. At its cheapest, you get the app for free and the credit card reader for free. Instead, you pay a small percentage from the credit card transactions in your store. It’s keeping it simple and making it easier for small businesses to handle payments and it’s at a low price.

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