Aurora Borealis paints Alaska with color and leaves beautiful postcards


The Northern lights The sky lit up Alaska This week as the season approaches twilight, Leaving Beautiful postcards That was shared in The web to Internet users.

Pictures Of the common witnesses in Social media Show the impressive natural phenomenon through lighting Fairbanks, A city known for its optimization of Northern lights Because of its location in the so-called “Aurora oval“.

According to city residents, the Northern lights He is seen on average three or four nights a week, between months August s April.

“We are starting to see Soul Midnight, which means the end of the twilight is near! It is strange that the sun sets at 11 at night and rises again at two in the morning. “

A Fairbanks resident explained.

The Northern lights They can be seen across regions as well north And for Certainly from Earth.

The Aurora Borealis lit up the sky over Alaska this week. Photo: Reuters

The Exhibitions from twilight Associated with the solar wind: electrically charged particles that are left continuously Soul. Lines magnetic field from Earth They spread out in space as they store energy from the solar wind.

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