A man arrested for infecting 22 people with Covid in Mallorca


Palma: The National Police have arrested you Manacor (Mallorca) to a 40-year-old man as the alleged perpetrator of a casualty crime. Infects 22 people with Covid, Eight of them directly and 14 indirectly – including three one-year-olds – at their workplace and at the gym where they attended.

Despite having symptoms of the disease and undergoing a CRP test, the man continued his normal life without waiting for the result to be known or mandatory maintenance Stone, On his way to work with more than 40 fevers, according to several colleagues, the Balearic Islands supreme headquarters explained in a statement.

The investigation began at the end of January, when the National Police learned of the presence of A. COVID-19 outbreak At a well-known institution in Manacor, where a worker was apparently infected and had hidden his illness.

Days before the outbreak was revealed, the worker began to show symptoms compatible with the disease, so his colleagues began to worry and fear infection because they noticed that he was not well but did not want to go home.

The man went to a medical center for a PCR exam when he didn’t get better, but he returned to his gym and workplace the next day.

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Both his colleagues and the director of the foundation ordered him to go home because he might have Covid-19, but the worker ignored his superiors’ orders. According to police officers, the detainee had a fever of over 40 degrees.

On this working day, the man wandered around the building coughing, lowering his mask, and saying, “You I will infect everyone with the Coronavirus“Once his shift ended, he was informed that the PCR result was positive, a circumstance that bothered the rest of the workers.

When all employees were called in for a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, five of them tested positive, which in turn infected several of their relatives, including three one-year-old children.

In addition, in his gymnasium, three people were directly injured, which also injured several family members.

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In total, 22 people were infected, although none of them required hospitalization.

Police arrested the worker as the alleged perpetrator of the injury crime, and this Friday he was brought to justice and used his right not to make a statement.

Manacor Investigative Judge No. 1, as a guard, agreed to release the detainee on charges. None of the parties requested the adoption of any precautionary measure and has informed the Balearic Islands High Court of Justice (TSJIB).

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