AWS cuts off Parler, CEO aims to rebuild infrastructure


Amazon Web Services will cut Parler’s servers, according to John Matzi, chief executive of the social network.

This step comes After Google Apple also banned the social app, citing violating the terms. Apple also cited a lack of moderation. It is unclear what Hosting option Parler will be able to use the. AWS is the largest cloud service provider With Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform # 2 and # 3, respectively.

The Parler platform is seen as a way to organize riots on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. After the attack, President Trump was Diplatformed from TwitterAnd the Facebook, Instagram And other social networking sites. CNET collects riots on Capitol Hill shaving Other news outlets.

In a post on Parler Saturday, Matzy said:

Sunday (tomorrow) at midnight, Amazon will shut down all of our servers in an effort to completely remove free speech from the internet. There is a possibility that Parler may not be available online for up to a week as we rebuild from scratch. We prepared for events like this by never relying on Amazon proprietary infrastructure and building bare metal products.

We will do our best to move to a new provider for the time being since we have many competitors for our business, yet Amazon, Google and Apple did so on purpose as a coordinated effort knowing that our options would be limited …

A group of Amazon employees They were pressuring the company to separate Parler from AWS For hate speech and its role in organizing the storming of the Capitol on Wednesday.

Matze’s reference to bare metal products might indicate a contingency plan, but the CEO also indicated that Parler started from scratch and could be down for up to a week.

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