Ayuso travels to the United States to present Madrid as an “economic magnet”

Ayuso travels to the United States to present Madrid as an “economic magnet”

The President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has begun her trip to the United States, where she seeks to “reinforce the region’s image as a magnet for businesses and projects”.

In this way, it will explain the low tax policies it has been implementing for the last 17 years, and at the same time, it will defend Spain’s heritage in America against the “black myth” and the “Manichaean revision of history.” It attempts to achieve this with the “alarming” growth of indigenousism and populism.

As reported by the regional government in a statement, the President of Madrid, at a press conference in New York, explained the three aspects of her institutional journey: the economic, political and cultural aspect.

Tomorrow he will meet with various investment funds such as Blackrock or Torino Capital, to which he will also transfer the “quality of life” located in Madrid, with “first-class education and health, with very good infrastructure, the second largest life expectancy and full of opportunities”.

Ayuso wants to restore the level of North American investments that in just three years went from an estimate of 1,700 million euros to 324 million. To do this, you want to take advantage of the numbers that accompany Madrid precisely in this matter, since it is the Spanish region with the highest GDP, contributing 20% ​​nationally or focusing 70% of foreign investment.

Strengthening links with institutions

From a political point of view, the goal is to continue to “strengthen relations” with institutions, which will explain the management of the epidemic that has occurred in the past year and a half. In this sense, it will hold meetings with the Council of the Americas, the World American Organization or the Inter-American Development Bank.

As for Spain’s legacy in America, the Madrid leader emphasized that she wants to disavow Madrid “now more than ever of Hispanidad”, as well as attract the talents of students and audiovisual producers to develop their projects in the region.

In this context, he will also hold his meeting with the Hispanic bloc in the US Congress. “There is a populist movement across the continent in the opposite direction at the hands of some leaders who are bringing more strife, poverty and tyranny against the Spaniards, assimilation and generational inequality,” the president said.

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