Barcelona Corporation: The family offers 200 million for 49% of the business


Barcelona company is sparking investor interest. Investindustrial, the investment vehicle for the Bonomi family, has submitted a bid of € 200m to retain 49% of the A subsidiary of LaLiga club that brings together Barça Academy, Barça Innovation Hub, Barça Licensing and Merchandising and Barça Studios, Informs Confidentiality.

The Italian Investor Fund has a strong presence in Catalonia, as the owner of Transport Sanitari de Catalunya and PortAventura. Additionally, she had interests in Spanish companies such as Goldcar, Euskaltel and Applus.

Carles Tosquets, chairman of the club’s last management committee, announced a month ago that the club had four offers for this action on the table, “from € 200m up, depending on variables,” although the board didn’t want to rush.

“We will study all the proposals, but our hypothesis is that Barcelona will not lose control of the club,” Laporta said during the campaign against Barcelona.We don’t want to sell the assets thinking about the short term but rather the long term“.

The council is working to assess the economic situation of the club, which may lose 350 million euros this year, according to TV3Almost four times the 2019-2020 losses. The historical losses will be charged against a € 125 million guarantee provided by Laporta and his team, who are seeking to find the key to present the sale of Barcelona before the next meeting of partners, which will reduce losses from 2020-2021.

Among the four business units that emerged from the 2015 strategic plan, Most productive is Barça Licensing & Merchandising, The subsidiary that has been running since July 2018 the stores where the club’s products are sold after reclaiming the management that was until that point in the hands of Nike. It generates a normal income of more than 60 million euros, a figure the club hopes to increase significantly, after it was one of the few companies to make a profit despite Covid-19 despite a 21% drop in sales.

One of the problems faced by the router is that FC Barcelona Licensing and Promotion is a guarantee of the initial loan of € 90 million that Goldman Sachs granted to the club To implement the first phase of the Espai Barça project. That part was supposed to be extinguished last summer, but the US bank gave the club another year to bring it back due to the coronavirus crisis. Loan totaling 815 million. If Barcelona does not fulfill its commitment, Goldman Sachs can implement the guarantee and keep this subsidiary, which in turn also serves as collateral for the bonds the club issued between 2018 and 2019, worth € 200 million.

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