Biden calls for action against governors who oppose face masks in US schools


the President of the United States, Joe BidenHe said he was willing to take action against governors who oppose forcing schools to use masks to stop the spread of infection in the country COVID-19.

“Some politicians are trying to turn public health measures, such as children wearing masks in schools, into political disputes for their own benefit,” he said. Biden in a letter in White House.

When school year about to start, health authorities He recommended that all students wear masks in classrooms, including those who have been vaccinated.

However, some conservatives, especially Republicans from Texas NS Florida, prevented schools in their states from imposing this obligation on students and required to defend the “right” of parents to decide what they wanted for their children.

Several school districts have announced that they will challenge this ban. as a response, Florida Governor Ron DeSantisThey threatened to cut funds for the rebellious schools or even stop paying the salaries of school officials involved in those decisions.

Biden Wed said he requested Minister of Education Take “extra steps” to protect children.

“This includes using all of your power over Supervision and legal procedures appropriate against conservatives who try to obstruct and intimidate school officials and teachers.”

. added wages Those who decide to enforce masks in classrooms to be retained will eventually receive “100%” of the federal funds.

“If you don’t fight him COVID-19At least they don’t get in the way of those who do.”


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