Biden calls on school administrators to defy anti-mask rules

Biden calls on school administrators to defy anti-mask rules

FORT LAUDERDALE — President Biden called school district administrators in Florida and Arizona to congratulate them on doing the “right thing” after their councils implemented mask-wearing requirements in defiance of their Republican governors amid mounting COVID-19.19 infections.

The White House said Saturday through a statement that the Democratic president spoke with Interior Supervisor Vicki Cartwright of Florida and Principal of Union High School in Phoenix, Chad Jason, in Arizona “to thank them for their leadership and talk about their commitment.” To safely return all students to full-time face-to-face learning this school year.”

The President commented that his leadership and courage is the right thing to do with regard to the health and well-being of his students, teachers, and schools.”

Biden’s supportive phone calls came as tensions mounted over whether local school districts could and should require masks from students and school staff now that face-to-face lessons have resumed.

In Texas, several school districts — along with the state’s most populous county — scored temporary victories Friday that sought to overturn Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s ban on the requirement to wear a mask, which they argue is making the pandemic worse. COVID-19.

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