Biden is 12 points ahead of Trump in the popular vote: Poll


EFE.- Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden revealed President Donald Trump’s 12-point lead in the popular vote intent this Sunday, in a private poll, just over three weeks before the November 3 elections in the United States.

According to a survey published by ABC News and the newspaper Washington Post53% of registered voters would support Biden, while 41% would support Trump “if the presidential election were to take place today.”

Of potential voters, 54% would support Biden compared to 42% would support Trump.

The consultation, conducted by phone between October 6 and 9 between 1014 adults, focused on the popular vote, not the state-by-state dispute to obtain at least 270 Electoral College votes.

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The poll added that among the most important issues for determining their vote, 29% of registered voters cited the economy, followed by coronavirus management at 15% and crime and security at 8%. Or minus 3.5 percentage points.

48% of registered voters said they trusted Trump to run the economy, compared to 47% who would prefer Biden.

The percentages differed when asked about the strategy for facing the coronavirus pandemic, with 55% saying they trusted Biden, compared to 38% who chose Trump.

Last August, on the occasion of the Democratic National Convention, ABC News polled Mail He noted that Biden had 53% of the voting intention from the electorate and Trump with 41%.

Whereas among those who indicated they were sure they would vote, Biden garnered 54% of the preference and Trump’s 44%.

In the United States, it is not ordinary voters who elect the president, but rather the voters assigned to each state. In the Electoral College, 270 votes are required to win the election.

In the 2016 election, Trump received 3.2 million fewer citizen votes than his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, but he secured victory in enough states to win a majority in the Electoral College.

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