Biden’s infrastructure plan is designed to keep the economy going during the pandemic: Brian Daisy


The US President’s $ 2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan, Joe BidenIt contains investments that will boost short-term and long-term employment, including childcare financing to get more Americans back to work, the chief economic adviser said Sunday.

He said that Biden’s project to revitalize US infrastructure is designed to create more jobs and keep the economy going as the United States emerges from the coronavirus pandemic. Brian Deiss, Director National Economic CouncilIn an interview with “Fox News Sunday”.

“ But let’s also think in the long term, about the investments that we can make that really lead to not only increased job growth, but also better job growth, not only in the short term, but in the long term, by investing in infrastructure. We have developed in a way that we haven’t done since the 1960s. “

Deiss joined several Biden administration officials on television news programs on Sunday to promote the plan, which was met with stiff opposition from Republicans for being too expensive and too progressive.

Republican Senator Roy Blunt He urged the government to scale back the plan and focus on the basics.

“If we go back and look at roads, bridges, ports, airports, and even groundwater systems and broadband, we’re still going to be talking about less than 30% of this whole package,” said Blunt on Fox.

Blunt said he believed a less ambitious $ 615 billion goal would be more acceptable to some of his fellow Republicans and Biden would get the deal he said he wanted.

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