Black Clover Episode 172: Release Date Updates, Recap, & Spoliers

Black clover episode 172

Black clover episode 172

Welcome to the vibrant world of Black Clover! A magical realm that has captured the imagination of anime lovers worldwide. A world, where the bonds of friendship test the limits of magic and challenge the power of destiny. If you are looking for the latest scoop on Black Clover Episode 172, you are at the right place.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Episode: 171
  • Release Date:  Announced Soon
  • Language: Japanese
  • Genre: Action, Comedy,  & Fantasy
  • Where to watch: Crunchyroll And Netflix
  • Rating: 8.3/10 (IMDb)

Popularity of the Show

Debuting on October 3, 2017, the series has taken the anime world by storm. With its mesmerizing animation, elaborate world-building, and intricate storyline, Black Clover has carved a niche in the hearts of anime fans.

Despite being steeped in the well-trodden ‘magic vs might’ narrative, Black Clover has risen in popularity due to its innovative plotline and character depth, echoing sentiments of anime greats like Naruto and My Hero Academia.

Release Date of Black Clover Episode 172

There is no confirmed release date for Black Clover Episode 172. The anime wrapped its previous arc with Episode 171 on June 24, 2023, and fans are anxiously awaiting news about the next chapter in Asta and Yuno’s saga.

Cast of Black Clover Episode 172

The driving force behind Black Clover’s global popularity is its incredible cast. Gakuto Kajiwara brings life to our anti-hero protagonist, Asta, while Nobunaga Shimazaki’s soulful portrayal of Yuno further enriches the show’s narrative depth.

Kana Yuuki lends her voice to Noelle Silva, and together, they create an ensemble that fans cannot get enough of. The English dub by Dallas Reid, Micah Solusod, and Jill Harris has been equally well-received.

Black Clover Episode 172 Spoiler

There’s no official information regarding the content of Black Clover Episode 172 since the series’ original run ended at episode 170. However, we can engage in some speculation based on the manga’s events that follow those depicted in the anime.

If the anime continues following the events of the manga, Episode 172 would likely delve into the Spade Kingdom arc, particularly the assault on the Spade Kingdom. This arc in the manga follows the training period the Magic Knights underwent to prepare for their battle against the Dark Triad.

In this potential episode, we could see Asta’s new control over his devil’s power, developed through his unique training method, come into play. We might also witness Yuno, Noelle, and other Magic Knights showing off the results of their rigorous training.

Furthermore, we could anticipate heightened action sequences as the Magic Knights infiltrate the Spade Kingdom and confront the Dark Triad. There would be multiple battles against the Triad’s dark disciples and possibly even against the Triad members themselves.

Please note that this is purely speculation, and the actual content of any future Black Clover episodes would depend on the decisions made by the anime’s creative team. As of now, fans will have to wait for an official announcement from the creators of Black Clover about the continuation of the series.

 Black Clover Episode 171 Recap

In Black Clover Episode 171, titled The Faraway Future, we saw an unprecedented mix of suspense, action, and pathos that left the audience eager for the next episode.

The episode revolved primarily around the unanticipated meeting between Noelle Silva and her older brother, Nebra Silva. Their encounter marked a pivotal moment in the show, showcasing the evolution of their relationship and their characters.

The majority of the episode was dedicated to Asta’s training with Nacht, the vice-captain of the Black Bulls, who is also a devil host. Nacht, using his devil Gimodelo, initiated a brutal and intense training session to help Asta control his devil’s power. This was crucial because Asta had to master this power to save Yami and Vengeance, who were captured by the Dark Triad.

Asta was told to vanquish his devil and bind him to fully access his devil powers. However, Asta, being the protagonist known for his unconventional methods, proposed an alternative.

He suggested that rather than vanquishing his devil, he could work with him and forge an alliance instead. This decision showed Asta’s innate nature to always choose the path of compassion, understanding, and unity.
Meanwhile, Yuno, Noelle, and the other Magic Knights pledged to take revenge on the Dark Triad and save their captains. This promise marked the beginning of a new arc, promising action-packed episodes filled with excitement and tension.

In essence, Episode 171 was a turning point in the Black Clover series, not only setting the stage for a fierce battle against the Dark Triad but also offering deeper insights into the characters’ convictions and determination. The episode ended on a suspenseful note, leaving fans excitedly anticipating the continuation of the story.

Ratings of the Show

With an impressive 8.3 out of 10 rating on IMDb, Black Clover stands tall among the greatest anime of this generation. On MyAnimeList, the series holds a commendable 8.14 score, further testifying to its popularity.

Review of the Show

Black Clover masterfully combines traditional shōnen elements with unique magical themes to deliver a captivating experience.

Asta’s relentless pursuit to become the Wizard King, despite his lack of inherent magical abilities, resonates with the audience, making his journey deeply engaging. The series manages to maintain its pace and intrigue, constantly evolving its characters and plot, keeping fans glued to the screen.

Where to Watch

Official platforms like Crunchyroll and Netflix are the go-to places for anime fans to stream Black Clover. It’s always best to support the official releases to contribute to the anime industry’s growth.


Black Clover continues to enthrall its fans, leaving them eagerly waiting for the next installment. While the release date for Episode 172 is still a mystery, one thing is certain – the ride is going to be magical! Stay tuned for more updates, and remember, in the world of Black Clover, magic is everything!

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