Tokyo Revengers, a widely acclaimed manga series turned anime, has masterfully woven a narrative filled with suspense, thrilling action, and intricately developed characters.

Among the numerous fascinating personalities featured in the series, Ken Draken Ryuguji is one character that has consistently piqued the interest of viewers. The many layers of his character and his fate within the narrative have left fans speculating and discussing his role in the story.

Who is Draken?

Ken Ryuguji, affectionately known as Draken, is a prominent character in the Tokyo Revengers storyline. A towering figure, Draken is immediately recognizable with his intricate dragon tattoo snaking up his left temple, which fittingly represents his code name, Draken, a play on the English word dragon.

Draken is not your average teenage delinquent. He has depth that sets him apart from the common stereotypes, characterized by a juxtaposition of strength, wisdom, and raw emotion. His loyalty is unwavering, particularly towards his best friend, Mikey, the co-founder of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Draken serves

What is his character in Tokyo Revengers?

His character stands as a bastion of strength, maturity, and moral grounding in the otherwise chaotic world of delinquents. While he relishes a good fight, Draken demonstrates a deep sense of responsibility and empathy that is somewhat at odds with his intimidating physical stature.

Unlike many other characters in the series, Draken often serves as the voice of reason and is known for his protective nature, particularly towards Mikey. His character often mediates the tension and prevents destructive impulses within the gang, thereby playing a crucial role in maintaining the balance in the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Is Draken Dead in Tokyo Revengers?

One of the most significant twists in the Tokyo Revengers series is the speculation surrounding Draken’s death. Throughout the narrative, Draken has met his demise multiple times due to a series of tragic and unexpected events.

During one time leap, protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki, manages to save Draken by replacing him as the stabbing victim. However, upon returning to the future, Takemichi learns that Draken had passed away due to other circumstances. Despite the efforts made to change the course of events, Draken’s fate seemed to be sealed from the very start, leaving fans devastated.

One death that particularly stood out for fans was in an alternate timeline where Takemichi manages to prevent Hina’s death and marries her.

Despite this happy turn of events, Draken warns Takemichi about Mikey, who has transformed into a ruthless leader of Japan’s most dangerous criminal organizations. Draken’s sudden death and his cautionary message about Mikey leaves fans reeling.

Will Draken Be Back in Tokyo Revengers?

Given the deep attachment fans have developed for Draken, his death sent ripples of grief among the Tokyo Revengers’ audience. However, because the narrative heavily revolves around time travel, many speculate that his return could be a possibility.

The brevity and seeming insignificance of Draken’s death, which was nearly overshadowed by the ongoing conflict between the Three Deities, further fuels this speculation. His funeral was quick and understated, which seemed odd for such a major character.

Even Mikey, despite his current unstable state, did not appear genuinely affected by Draken’s passing, leaving fans to ponder whether Draken’s death was merely temporary.


The character of Draken in Tokyo Revengers adds a level of depth and complexity to the narrative that is hard to ignore. His fate has sparked widespread speculation and discussion among fans, leaving them eager for the unraveling of the narrative’s subsequent events.

However, whether Draken’s death is permanent or a setup for an epic return is something only time will reveal. Regardless, his role and his perceived demise have undeniably left an indelible mark on the series and its fans, underscoring the inherent unpredictability and the thrilling twists and turns that define the Tokyo Revengers narrative.

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