‘Blue Bayou’: Justin Chun looks for a change in his life in this exclusive trailer

‘Blue Bayou’: Justin Chun looks for a change in his life in this exclusive trailer

If you’re a fan or have watched the Twilight saga, you might remember Justin Chon. The Korean-born actor played Eric Yorkie, one of Bella’s classmates, during films adapted to the novels of Stephanie Meyer. But Forks was left far behind and now Chon has discovered himself as a director and screenwriter to be followed closely. After the surprise in 2017 at Sundance with “Gook” Now opening in theaters with Universal Pictures ‘Blue Bayou’, a drama starring Alicia Vikander. Here’s an exclusive preview of the movie:

Justin Chun plays Antonio LeBlanc, a former con artist who works as a tattoo artist in New Orleans And he wants to find a way to give a better life to his wife, Kathy (Alicia Vikander), daughter Jesse (Sydney Kowalski), and a baby is on the way. But his background makes it very difficult for him.

His country betrayed him

But nothing can prepare him for an altercation with Cathy’s ex (Mark O’Brien) and his friend (Emory Cohen). Despite the fact that Antonio has been living in the United States since he was three years old, he suddenly faces the prospect of deportation.. Chun found inspiration in this story he directed and wrote in a series of articles a few years ago about South Korean children who were adopted in the United States and later deported.

“Blue Bayou” is a cruel drama that depicts the reality of many immigrants in the United States. It will hit theaters in our country on Friday, September 10, distributed by Universal Pictures.

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