Bolivian athlete, David Ninavia, can represent the United States or Puerto Rico

Bolivian athlete, David Ninavia, can represent the United States or Puerto Rico

David Ninavia, the Bolivian athlete representing Oruro, was able to get various medals for Bolivia. Ninavia established himself as the South American U23 5000m champion and featured in international presentations.

The 19-year-old athlete received offers from the sports federations of Puerto Rico and the United States in order to change the course of his career as an athlete. According to Página Siete, coach of the young athlete, Nemia Coca, both associations are interested in acquiring the long-distance runner.

Although the United States is interested in Ninavia’s presence at the National and Collegiate Games, Puerto Rico has shown more interest in integrating an athlete than Lllallagua. According to what was reported by the media, they contacted the sports coach on more than one occasion to discuss the possibility of the athlete representing that country.

According to Coca, at the moment, the athlete will analyze the possibility of going to compete in these countries where they will provide him with all the conditions for further growth in athletics, as well as He earned college scholarships, a monthly income, and sponsorship of sportswear.

Coca lamented that there are no such conditions in Bolivia for athletes, and for this, according to her, this is a great opportunity for Ninavia, Because in these countries he will be able to fully exploit his potential. Coca also stated that one of David’s family’s biggest concerns was the economic resources he was unable to generate in Bolivia by dedicating himself to the sport.

“I asked David to wait a bit, because we are betting on the Olympics, but he has suffered a lot because his family is big and his parents also want to see him well, because by training and dedicating himself to athletics he has not generated the resources he needs and this frustrates him and infuriates him as well.”Coca said.

It is known that the young Bolivian athlete She will have until December to respond to the proposals of both countries, Because they hope David will start training from January.

Without a doubt, Ninavia now faces two opportunities that could change the course of her career as an athlete, as the lack of support from the government and private companies in Bolivia is causing athletes to look for other options to be able to live what they love. are doing.

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