The NFL is confident that the IOC will host flag football at the 2028 Olympics

The NFL is confident that the IOC will host flag football at the 2028 Olympics

The NFL is confident the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will agree to include ‘sponsoring football’ in the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games schedule, Arturo Olivier, general manager of the US Soccer Federation of Mexico, said Thursday.

“The NFL is seeking to flag football as part of the LA 2028 Olympic Games programme. The issue has already been brought to the International Olympic Committee, they are evaluating it and hopefully they will make the decision within this year to incorporate it as an Olympic sport,” Olivi stated.

The manager explained that the proposal had been well received.

He reiterated, “The issue has been brought up by the International Federation of American Football, it is supported by the NFL, the countries where the league is located, and strong programs like Mexico, and we hope the IOC’s response will be favourable.”

Olivé was present at the opening of the Tochito NFL and Reading program in which nearly 1,800 boys and girls from 200 schools participated in a series of football games interspersed with moments of reading at sports facilities located in the city’s north of Mexico.

“We combine sports with reading. It’s a holistic program for holistic living. We are very excited to continue moving forward with the Tochito NFL program, after the hiatus caused by the pandemic; this will be our first full school year.”

Despite Tochito’s NFL boycott due to covid-19, the manager stressed that Mexico remains the spearhead of NFL activities outside the United States.

“The NFL with Flag Football in Mexico is the largest children’s program worldwide outside of the United States. We’re resuming that after the pandemic. We look forward to reaching 1 million kids who participate in the program starting in September.”

Arturo Olive stressed the importance of supporting the Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers teams had the momentum of the Toshito NFL. . that were awarded to Mexico with merchandising rights to strengthen the league’s brand.

He added that “the nine teams that have been assigned have supported us and certainly during the year they will have a greater participation in all the activities planned to continue promoting football in Mexico.”

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