College Football: Who Will Challenge the Favorites this season?


The College Football scene is witnessing a paradigm shift as the Georgia Bulldogs stake their claim as the dominant force in the sport. Their performance, history, and preparation have solidified their top position, making them the team to watch as the 2023 season approaches.

The Bulldogs have not only made their presence felt but have also asserted their dominance in style. Winners of the last two national titles are poised to win their third, which has been elusive for most, with only two teams accomplishing this in over 80 years.

Their past performance provides a clear indicator of their prowess. The last sight of the Bulldogs in action was a crushing victory against TCU in the national championship, where they notched up an impressive score of 65-7. This wasn’t just a one-off performance; it was their 17th consecutive win, highlighting a pattern of consistent brilliance. Their two-year run, where they registered a staggering 29-1 win-loss record and clinched two titles, speaks volumes about their unmatched caliber.

Every top team faces its share of challenges. For the Bulldogs, the departure of offensive coordinator Todd Monken to the NFL and the exit of significant players like Jalen Carter, Nolan Smith, Broderick Jones, and Stetson Bennett IV could have been seen as significant setbacks.

However, the Bulldogs have historically demonstrated resilience in the face of talent drain. A notable example was when they lost five first-rounders from their defense in the 2022 draft and still managed to clinch the championship. Their approach to these challenges combines adapting to change and relying on their robust recruitment strategy.

Current odds place Georgia at an impressive +225 for the National Championship. This underscores their perceived dominance and sets them apart from the pack.

Challenging Georgia: Ohio State’s Potential Push for Dominance

While presently echoing with the dominant rhythms of the Georgia Bulldogs, the college football landscape is also resonating with the persistent undertones of another powerhouse: the Ohio State Buckeyes. With a history of championship contention and a series of playoff appearances, the Buckeyes are poised to challenge the Bulldogs for supremacy.

Ohio State’s Steadfast Legacy

The Ohio State Buckeyes have remained at the forefront of college football for many seasons. Their participation in the College Football Playoff three times in the last four seasons underscores their unwavering competitive spirit. But it’s not all smooth sailing. There’s an itch the Buckeyes are desperate to scratch – the fact that Michigan has bested them in their last two encounters and hasn’t clinched the championship since 2014. However, with the odds of +600, betting fans are considering them to provide a stiff challenge to Georgia. Moreover, betting fans can use the Ohio sports betting promos to place wagers on them.

Reflecting on the Past: Buckeyes in 2022

A retrospective glance at 2022 brings forth a complex narrative for the Buckeyes. Despite a consecutive loss to Michigan, Day’s brigade found a spot in the coveted College Football Playoff.

Here, they locked horns with Georgia, almost toppling the future champions in a match that culminated in a heart-wrenching one-point loss. Notably, much of the team’s vigor can be attributed to QB C.J. Stroud. Yet, with Stroud now showcasing his abilities in the NFL after being the Houston Texans’ #2 pick, the dynamics for Ohio might see a transformation.

The 2023 Roster

While the departure of such a central figure is a potential setback, Columbus remains optimistic. A key reason is the offense, particularly the potential shown by WR Marvin Harrison Jr.

On the defensive side, Jim Knowles’ second year as the coordinator brings promise. With J.T. Tuimoloau and Michael Hall Jr. fortifying the defensive line and transfers like Ja’Had Carter, Lorenzo Styles Jr., and Davison Igbinosun augmenting the secondary, there’s ample reason for anticipation.

However, challenges loom large. The gaping void left by Stroud at QB, combined with the need to replace three starting offensive linemen, creates certain vulnerabilities. The schedule, too, isn’t kind. Engagements with Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Michigan on the road and a Penn State home game suggest that the journey won’t be easy.

Win Prospects for 2023-24

Despite the hurdles, Ohio’s talent reservoir remains a beacon of hope, especially in the WR and RB departments. Plus, the return of several defensive stalwarts lends strength to their aspirations. Expert projections veer towards a 10-2 season record, indicating that a bet on Ohio State not exceeding 10.5 wins might be prudent.

Few Others Who Can Challenge the Favorites

While Georgia might be the team to beat, there’s no shortage of contenders aiming to thwart their quest for a third straight title. Other contenders like Alabama (+600), and Michigan (+1000) trail the Bulldogs by a significant margin, further emphasizing Georgia’s stronghold on the top spot.

Alabama’s Rebound?

Traditionally, a titan in college football, Alabama witnessed what many would consider an off-year in 2022. However, given the team’s legacy, one would be mistaken to write them off.

While they face challenges, including exiting their offensive coordinator and finding a replacement for their Heisman-winning quarterback Bryce Young, the Crimson Tide remains laden with top-tier talent.


Under the guidance of Jim Harbaugh, the Wolverines have been consistent contenders. Their significant achievements in recent years and their retention of crucial players, such as quarterback J.J. McCarthy, make them a team to watch out for.


The Trojans are emerging as strong contenders, especially with Caleb Williams, the Heisman winner, as their quarterback.

Though they missed a spot in the CFP last season, their successful campaign signals they’re a force to be reckoned with, especially with the addition of talents like Arizona transfer Dorian Singer. However, they must fortify their defense to stand tall against opponents.


Under coach Brian Kelly, LSU showcased rapid progress, clinching victories against top-tier teams. They’re a team to watch with players like quarterback Jayden Daniels on their roster and a strengthened defense.

Florida State

Florida State is back in the spotlight after an impressive 10-3 record in 2022. Led by Jordan Travis, a potential Heisman Trophy candidate and bolstered by talents like Jared Verse, the Seminoles are poised for a standout season.


With Georgia Bulldogs setting an exceptionally high bar and the Ohio State Buckeyes nipping at their heels, the broader question emerges: Who else could potentially disrupt this hierarchy?

The narrative is not limited to just these two behemoths. Teams like Alabama, with their historical might, are lurking in the shadows. Michigan’s recent consistency under Jim Harbaugh makes them a credible threat, and with a player of J.J. McCarthy’s caliber, their chances only get brighter. Then there’s USC, who, led by the Heisman-winning Caleb Williams, are knocking louder on the doors of the College Football Playoff. LSU’s trajectory under Brian Kelly’s leadership and Florida State’s resurgence further complicate the championship race.

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