Brazil: The Brazilian Valley earns more than 3000 million euros in the third quarter


MADRID, October 29 (European press) –

Brazil’s Vale, one of the world’s largest iron producers, posted a net profit attributable to R$ 20,203 million (€ 3,070 million) in the third quarter of the year, up 29.4% from the same quarter last year, when the company reported a profit of R$3,070 million. 15.615 million riyals (2.373 million euros) as recorded in the company’s quarterly accounts report.

“In this third quarter, our iron ore production was close to 90 million tons, with significant progress in the operating return of the Vargem Grande complex. We continue to work to improve operational confidence, particularly in the mineral trade. It is essential,” emphasized company president Eduardo Bartolomeo.

The group’s sales volume rose to 66.261 million riyals (10,071 million euros), an increase of 14.4%. With prices linked to sales of OMR30.533 million (€4,641 million), an increase of 17.9%.

In terms of operating, adjusted operating profit (Ebitda) totaled 36.231 million riyals (5,508 million euros), an increase of 10.4%; While the net operating result (Ebit) amounted to 32,574 million riyals (4,952 million euros), an increase of 13.7%.

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