BUAP opens Tesla Gallery to fall in love with science: the university’s president

BUAP opens Tesla Gallery to fall in love with science: the university’s president
BUAP opens Nikola Tesla exhibition to make young people fall in love with science: rector. Photo: BUAP

Dean BUAP, Maria Lilia Cedillo Ramirez, The exhibition opened Energy for the Future: Nikola Tesla and the Development of Hydropower. consisting of 20 panels with photos and information relating to his life and work, which will be open to the public until June 3, at museum affiliate University Historical Memory.

After mentioning that this sample has The goal of “making young people fall in love with science” Announcing the scientist’s contributions, Dr Cedillo Ramirez said: “We remember Nikola Tesla when we use the term energy, no matter what kind it is; their contributions gave rise to a great series of discoveries Based on Applications. Thanks to scientists like him, we have a good quality of life and he makes us continue research in various fields of knowledge.”

for his part, Tatiana KonikAmbassador Republic of Serbia In Mexico, he highlighted the importance of publishing the life and work of Nikola Tesla, a scientist who left a deep mark on science development. “It is important to spread not only knowledge about his inventions, but also to find out about the difficult moments in his life as a scientist, in which he put his talent before.”

At the same time, Ignacio Martinez Laguna, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, said that thanks to Tesla’s scientific results, the foundation can be endowed with solutions for everyday use, such as robotics, remote control, radar and computer science, among many others. , in addition to completing a large. Projects like generation to energy Streams from Niagara Falls.

sample to be displayed University Historical Memory MuseumIt is organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia Nikola Tesla Museum in BelgradeThe Vice Rector for Research and Postgraduate Studies, the General Directorate of Scientific Publishing, the Vice Rector for Guidance and Culture Dissemination, and the General Directorate of Museums.

He also attended the opening Elsa Hernandez and MartinezDirector General of University Museums; Jose Carlos Bernal SuarezVice President of the University for the Expansion and Dissemination of Culture; Arturo Fernandez Tellez, General Director of Scientific Publishing of VIEP; And Victoriano Covarrubias SalvatoreDirector General of the Science and Technology Council of the State of Puebla.

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