Buckingham Palace announces its roles in the coronation of Charles III

Buckingham Palace announces its roles in the coronation of Charles III

London. Francis Dimmock They will not arrive on horseback until the coronation of the king Charles III He will not challenge any claimant to the throne to battle, as his predecessor did in 1066, but he will carry the royal banner to Westminster Abbey.

Dimmock, a 67-year-old farmer from the Eastern Province EnglandHe will be the king’s champion at the coronation, fulfilling the role his family members have played since the coronation of William the Conqueror nearly a thousand years ago. It is one of more than two dozen festive events announced by Buckingham Palace on Thursday as organizers try to keep the coronation in line with tradition while reflecting modern Britain.

While the first champion got his turn during his long years of service to the king, Dymoke filled out an online form, explaining his family’s role in the British coronation, then waited for government bureaucrats to review his application. After Thursday’s announcement, Dymoke became the 34th member of his family to participate in the coronation.

“This is the important moment in my life,” he told the newspaper. The Daily Telegraph a few months ago.

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Other roles announced Thursday include those who will carry the monarch’s regalia down the aisle during the May 6 coronation, such as crowns, orbs, and swords.

Some jobs are assigned to Persons with historical claimsas with Dymoke, but others were given to high-ranking military officers, bishops, and politicians.

For example, Penny MordauntSpeaker of the House of Commons, will carry the Sword of State for her role as Speaker of the House, who advises the King.

Other jobs have been assigned to lesser known people.

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Petty Officer Amy Taylor She will be the first woman to bring the bejeweled sacrificial sword to the monastery after being chosen to represent the men and women of the country’s armed forces.

“Those who assume these historic roles have been chosen for recognition, thanks, and representation to the nation for their important service, and include representatives of the ranks of chivalry, the military, and public life in general,” the palace said.

Originally , King champion He rode to the coronation banquet, gauntlet thrown, and challenged anyone who doubted a king or queen’s right to rule.

But the palace said there hasn’t been a coronation banquet since 1821, so the champions perform other functions, usually carrying a flag or banner.

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Dymoke told The Telegraph that the Dymoke family’s claim to this role was linked to lands in Lincolnshire granted to them at the time of the Norman invasion of England. In the modern world, however, his invitation to the coronation was not guaranteed.

“All I can do is apply,” Demoki told the newspaper.

“I wrote that … my family has since done so William the Conquerorand although I understand that he really is no longer … It would be nice to participate.

Palace agreed.

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