Congo: Girls jump from the roof of the school to save themselves from the fire

Congo: Girls jump from the roof of the school to save themselves from the fire

several dozen of girls They were injured after jumping off a roof to escape from a fire which is registered in the primary and secondary buildings of the Mwanga Boarding School, which is located in Lualaba District, Katanga Region, in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

At least 97 girls were injured. Image: screenshot

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Some videos are circulating on social media, showing the moments of despair experienced by the girls of the Catholic school, and how many girls decided to jump from a height of 4 meters, in desperation that they would not be caught in the fire.

To try to help them a ladder was put up, but it was not useful enough because of the number of girls who wanted to stay safe from the fire.

What caused the Congo school fire?

The authorities did not specify the cause of the fire. However, it is known to have originated from buildings at the primary and secondary levels.

“To escape from this fire, the students jumped from the roof of the building from a height of 4 meters.”

said the witness who gave his statement to the police.

Many students sustained fractures and were taken to hospitals for medical attention. There were no reports of deaths or burns.

At least 97 students were injured, including about 30 with fractures in their bodies.

How do you react to a fire in a school?

On social networks, many netizens remembered some recommendations before a fire broke out in a school. Some of them, according to civil protection experts, are:

  1. Keep calm and don’t run: panic can make the situation worse and cause accidents
  2. Do not use elevators, as you could get stuck
  3. Cover the nose
  4. Head towards the meeting point once outside the building
  5. Don’t go back to the building

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