A young man dressed as a prince invites his girlfriend to the ball and it goes viral

A young man dressed as a prince invites his girlfriend to the ball and it goes viral

The invitation to attend a graduation party spread on social media, after a young man invited his girlfriend to dance Pretend to be a medieval prince in Ohio.

Through social networking sites, the video was posted where it is shown Gavin Gillig With his group of friends disguised at his girlfriend’s house Gianna MasterlascoThe 17-year-old, who unusually asked to come with him to the party.

According to the New York Post, the video, which was taken by Masterlasco’s father, shows the confused teen Patrick unlocking her door when an undercover youth blows a horn signaling his classmates to follow. with verb.

Laughing, Masterlasco turns to see his father when he hears young men approaching the entrance with wooden horses.

Gillig, wearing a red robe and crown, appears with his two friends as one of them opens a scroll while the invitation is being read.

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“Listen, listen,” said one of Gillig’s friends, with a sarcastic British accent. Sir Gavin Gillig, son of Sir Trevor Gillig, first of his name, destroyer of China, tamer of the Chewbacca beast, slayer of males and pestilence of all things good-smelling and clean.

“You are cordially invited, Miss Gianna Masterlasco, to the merry-making royal ball of fellowship and friendships on May 6, 2023, the year of our master.”

After this overture, the bride accepts, and the young man gives her a paper tiara, to which Gillig replies, “Wonderful. I’ll see you soon, madam,” as they leave.

video containing more than 50 thousand likes And more than a hundred comments on Instagram brought smiles to netizens who praised the young man’s actions.

“One of the best things I’ve seen, made my day!” Friends level of dedication. I’m here for this,” were some of the comments they made on the social network.

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