Bukele describes those who sign letters as “corrupt”, including Fox and Calderón

Bukele describes those who sign letters as “corrupt”, including Fox and Calderón

On September 21, the Organization of Democratic Idea for Spain and the Americas released a positioning In which he described Bukele as seeking to rule him for a successive term when his constitution prohibits him with “seriousness”.

In this context, the Salvadoran president responded through his social networks that those who spread this position are people – in his view – hated in their countries.

A letter signed by corrupt and thieves, including murderers and even murderers. They are all hated by their people. I am very concerned if I receive your support. Thank God, that is not the case.”

In the document published by Democratic Idea, a series of articles envisaged in the Democratic Charter of El Salvador were revealed, which explained why the re-election in this country contradicts its constitutional principles and even violates international decrees related to this matter. Title.

“That the same constitution, in its Article 154, only provides for a five-year presidential exercise, without the person who has exercised the presidency being able to continue in office even for one more day, for what it states as a rocky clause in Article 248, which does not provide for articles This constitution, which refers to the rotation in the exercise of the presidency, may not be amended in any way,” it stated in the document.

“Consequently, if the intention of the current President of El Salvador is realized, we consider that, as expressly set forth in Article 20 of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, there will be a change in the constitutional system that will seriously affect its democratic system,” he adds.

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