NASA is suspending, once again, the launch of Artemis to the Moon

NASA is suspending, once again, the launch of Artemis to the Moon
This is the third time the missile launch has been cancelled. Photo: Reuters

The Container It has suspended the launch scheduled for the following Tuesday, September 27, of the unmanned mission to Moon Artemis 1 Because Tropical Storm Ian, which is expected to get stronger as it approaches Florida. “NASA is giving up the launch opportunity (…), while keeping an eye on forecasts associated with Tropical Storm Ian,” the US space agency said on Saturday.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) indicated that Ian It will “rapidly ramp up” over the weekend as it moves toward Florida, home of the Kennedy Space Center, where the giant rocket will blast off. SLS (Space Launch System).

Tomorrow is Sunday team Artemis 1 Deciding on returning the missile to the assembly building.

The SLS can withstand wind gusts of up to 137 kilometers per hour. But if it is placed in the save, the current launch window, which extends to 4th of October.

When could NASA’s next launch to the moon be?

The next version window will be from From 17 to 31 Octoberwith the possibility of quitting any day except between October 24, 26 and 28.

the mission Artemis 1 Seeks to test SLS, who will carry the capsule Orionwhich this time will be unmanned except for the mannequins, in preparation for future trips to the moon With humans on board.

A successful mission will be a great relief to Containerafter years of delays and cost overruns.

But the new setback would be a blow to the space agency, which had to cancel two previous launch attempts (August 29 and September 3) due to technical failures as the rocket suffered technical malfunctions, including a fuel leak.

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