Manuel Espino introduces the word “grab” on Twitter with Fox and Calderon

Manuel Espino introduces the word “grab” on Twitter with Fox and Calderon

Friday night this politician from Durango, Manuel Spino, He has been active on Twitter to respond to messages from two of the country’s former presidents.

First of all, reply to a tweet Vincent Fox Where the former president expressed his regret for the release of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Operation desafuero in 2005. He wrote: “You know, sometimes I regret freeing him from ‘desafuero.'”

Manuel Espino replied: “You had no other choice, you insisted on the lifting of immunity, I told you that the PWP would not follow you for this because it was a personal phobia. You removed the party and its federal body of representatives. From that vain attempt it was not up to you to decide.”

Espino no longer gets any response. But this was not the only comment that upset Duranguense, but he also responded to the tweet of another former PAN chief, Philip Calderon When he gave his opinion on the current prime minister, Claudia Sheinbaum.

“She’s a poor candidate. She doesn’t even excite her hosts. She should count line 12. Of course, she lies how she breathes and seeks to blame the past for what she doesn’t know how to solve. In that she does. It’s like her boss.”

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But Espino was also not silent and judged him: “You speak as if you were so badly drunk (sic) that you are poisoning those around you. Why don’t you respect others? By the way, I remind you that you were a poor candidate We made you win in spite of your tricks and you. Do you remember that?”

Some users not related to the controversy came to answer him: “Espino, go to sleep,” they told him. Espino, who was a commissioner with the Federal Protection Service, was quick to reply: “I’ve been sleeping for years, the same thing I’ve been oblivious to in reality.”

It must be remembered that Espino was a member of the National Action Party (PAN) and later a member of the Movement for National Regeneration (Morena).

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