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In the long term, sustainable green growth requires removing the link between the economy and its negative effects on nature. Nature provides the basis for human prosperity and economic systems, and the participation of societies in restoring and preserving biodiversity in different parts of the world can generate well-being and economic benefits for people.

– IUCN Nature 2030

To transform the way economies invest in and value nature, the IUCN works with governments, civil society and businesses, large, small and across sectors, to determine how nature contributes to economies, how economic activities affect biodiversity and climate, and find solutions.

IUCN conducts independent scientific assessments and develops policies, standards, and tools with the public, private, and multi-stakeholder initiatives. We help businesses, from mining, energy, and infrastructure to finance and agriculture, including organizations of agricultural and forest producers, investors, project developers and policy makers, to implement practices that conserve nature and benefit the people whose lives and livelihoods depend on natural resources.

We also mobilize and direct funds to small and large actors to build capacity for biodiversity conservation, climate adaptation and mitigation, implement large-scale nature-based solutions, as well as contribute to more sustainable production systems.

With nearly $1 trillion a year needed for conservation, more innovative partnerships and collective efforts are needed to ensure financial flows support a positive future for nature.

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