Can dogs understand human words? Science Answers It – El Sol de México

Can dogs understand human words?  Science Answers It – El Sol de México

Have you ever thought that your dog understood what you were saying? A group of scientists discovered that lomitos distinguish both intonation and words that we use when talking to them.

According to the study published in the journal ScienceThe dog’s brain processes intonation and the words we manipulate in a similar way to the way humans do.

Attila Andiks, lead researcher, and colleagues note that domestication may have led to the development of brain structures responsible for processing auditory and linguistic information.

Recent research, in which Andics was also involved, indicates that dogs not only separate words and tones, but follow the same steps as the human brain when processing them. That is, they use the oldest part of their brain for inflections, while the cerebral cortex deals with the language itself.

In this regard, Andycks pointed out the importance of this because they are animals that lack language. However, they can understand our words perfectly.

On the other hand, Terence Deacon, a neurologist at the University of Berkeley, commented on National Geographic It is possible that human language evolved by following these same patterns through the nervous system until we developed our language abilities.

Meanwhile, Andyx added that after spending about 10,000 years with humans, dogs use these abilities specifically to understand our emotions.

“This helps explain why they are such good companions for us,” the researcher concluded.

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