Capicúa Appointment: A Ritual You Must Perform on February 22, 2022 to Achieve Your Goals

Capicúa Appointment: A Ritual You Must Perform on February 22, 2022 to Achieve Your Goals
Capicúa Appointment: A ritual that you must perform on February 22, 2022 to achieve your goals. (Photosynthesis)

Today’s date has gone viral on TikTok, which is February 22 2022 It is the capicúa year with the most energy, because the complete date in numbers is read the same way backwards. For example, 22022022 It reads the same if you start at the beginning or at the end and either way the date will be the same. If you want to make the most of this day, learn about the easy rituals you can do to make your dreams come true.

It is also known as transcendence gate This is an obligation to what mixes the second energy and the third energy, which is equivalent to female energy with the power of the Holy Trinity, This results in the ability to bring everything together.

Therefore, if you want to take advantage of this unique energy, we will show you four rituals to achieve your goals.

Rituals to achieve your goals

1. The flower of life:

Google search flower of life print photo Or if you already have one at home, use it. Place the round picture in the center and place a white, yellow, and green candle around it with the intention of forming a triangle. This is it The candle should be white on top, yellow on one side and green on the other side. On a separate sheet of paper (you will later put it on the flower of life) write a word, it should be that word that summarizes everything you want to achieve in life. when I have already written, put it on the flower of life and you will begin to light the white candle and ask for self-love, healing and liberation from everything that prevents you from being completely happy. When you turn yellow, ask to communicate with your abundance and with all those riches the universe has for you, also ask for your financial stability and the stability of all those you love and love. Finally light the green candle, Ask for your spiritual life and for you to have greater awareness and for the world to be more aware and achieving goals.

2. Energy Gate:

Choose a quiet place and time and light a white candle. Fill yourself up with his cardTake a piece of paper and write down 22 wishes that you want to announce on this day. When you write those wishes You should do it in a positive way as if you have already achieved it. For example, “I have created the best version of myself”, “I like to be in harmony”, among others.

When you do, burn the paper and throw the ashes into nature and while you do this, thank the universe and/or God (if you believe in Him). Let the candle finish burning in a safe place while you watch it.

3. Reunion with your loved ones:

Another way to take advantage of this day which is a very daily ritual that does not sound like a ritual is to meet your loved ones. You can meet your family with the thought that everything will be fine for them and that they are in good health. The same with friends.

4. Carry out activities that achieve:

Spend the day doing activities that generate joy, fullness, and contentment. You can dance, sing and do other activities and meditate for 10 to 15 minutes Where should we Be thankful for everything positive we have in our lives, Say goodbye to what we don’t want anymore and welcome new things.

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