Capturing an amazing hippo-like bird from Harry Potter: Video

Capturing an amazing hippo-like bird from Harry Potter: Video

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Sushi is the shoe-infused stork that has become very popular on social media because of this It looks and acts like the famous hippogriff from the saga Harry PotterAnd the Because in addition to its unique appearance, this wonderful bird She only allowed them to approach her if they had previously bowed to her

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter saga, you will know this Hippogriff are wonderful creatures HybridsHalf horse, half griffin in appearance, resembles a winged horse with an eagle’s head and front limbs. Here we show you why sushi has caused quite a stir among internet users.

Sushi, a huge gray stork that many have found similar to Backbek, lives at the Uganda Wildlife Education Center in Entebbe and was videotaped by photographer Mark Dudley, and the video quickly caught users’ attention, as the bird’s unique behavior could not continue unnoticed.

In the cool video, you can see that as soon as people bend over, the sushi returns its bow and lets them caress it. If someone approaches without kneeling, the stork will fly away.

Users quickly discovered the origin of this behavior in the movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanThe magician and his friends must travel back in time to save the bird’s life.

A species threatened with extinction

Mark says the beaked stork is so rare that there are fewer than 5,000 left in the world.

“Like Buckbeak, storks are very large and can do a lot of damage if they choose to, so it’s important to observe their ‘rules’ at all times,” he explains. Metro.

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