Disney + January 2021 premiere: Scarlet Witch and Vision, Dark Phoenix, New Mutants


We finally reach 2021, at the start of the first month of the year. And in the video-on-demand platform, this means one thing: a barrage of premieres starting in January 2021 as it should, in the best way possible. We’ve already seen the January premieres of other platforms:

Netflix will be released in January 2021

HBO will be released in January 2021

Movistar + will be released January 2021

Amazon Prime Video Releases 2021

Filmin will be released in January 2021

But you still have one left. we had Disney +, Although it always has much fewer premieres than its competitors – at least in the US, since the roster in the US is usually always longer – they are very important premieres, like the one we saw last month by Pixar Spirit.

This January seems to be focusing especially on superheroes, as it will be dealing with up to 3 live content. First we have the highly anticipated Witch series Scarlet and Vision (Wandavision In the United States), whose tracks actually illustrate the game of different facts that the series will focus on one of the most iconic pairs in stages 2 and 3 of the Marvel movie universe.

On the other hand we have what has become known as the “end of an era” with the Fenix ​​Oscura films and New mutants. Tenth of Men: Dark Phoenix It’s actually the last FOX movie with cast we’ve been watching since first class, and thus marks the end of the X-men movies under the FOX baton – now owned by Disney – before the X-Men reboot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

on the other side New mutants, Which indicated ways to create a new saga, but its future as such remains uncertain. And also other premieres like The Charming and Honest Spanish Comedy ChampionsWritten by Javier Visser on the Desire to Excellence.


January 1

  • The Simpsons new episodes every Friday

January 8

January 15

  • The Scarlet Witch and the Vision


January 1

  • The boy who could be king

January 6

  • Champions
  • My brother is chasing dinosaurs

January 22

  • Tenth of Men: Dark Phoenix
  • Pop Corn Pixar
  • The Book of Life

January 29


January 1

  • Giant Hammerhead Shark
  • 700 sharks
  • Great Shark Guide

January 22

  • Amelia Earhart Expedition
  • Wild Uganda

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