Caring for our minds contributes to finding happiness and well-being

Caring for our minds contributes to finding happiness and well-being
  • Man always seeks happiness, but to reach it we depend on several factors.
  • We not only need chemical reactions, but also the ability to take care of ourselves with our minds.
  • In addition, finding a purpose and meaning in life are the keys to achieving well-being.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it was United Nations World Happiness Report This year it placed Mexico 46th, well below 23rd place in 2019.

The factors for this outcome can be many, but according to science, happiness is Cumulus of different emotions.

The Scientific Study on Happiness and Health Promotion by Fabio Scrosolini Comin He describes happiness as “the predominance of the frequent occurrence of positive emotional experiences over negative experiences.”

In addition, the pursuit of happiness for a better quality of life is divided into two parts: objective well-being, such as income, education, entertainment, transportation, etc.; and subjective well-being, ie our life experiences.

According to scientists, subjective well-being is influenced by cultural aspects of each person, the experiences that shape our expectations of the world and beliefs.

Philosopher and neurologist graduated from Take risks. Nothing can replace experienceLeo Rastogi evokes the same thing: happiness carries a positive emotion, a sense of well-being, a sense of meaning and a sense of purpose.

Although it seems like a difficult equation to achieve, a lot of finding happiness has to do with our minds and our sense of vitality, as the expert said, “Vibrancy is governed by our minds.”

“I am not saying that happiness comes from the brain, I am saying that what happens in the brain.” It can increase or decrease happiness, There are hormones that are biochemicals that promote feelings of well-being,” he added.

The chemical reactions of happiness

And yes, the “happiness quartet” is made up of: serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin.

Scientist Loretta J. Breuning, author of Habits of a Happy Brain, He told the BBC That when the brain emits these chemicals, we feel good, but as soon as each one does the work, they stop working.

Rastogi argues that although chemistry has something to do with our happiness, the mind is involved in our search for happiness.

So what can we do to be at ease and happy?

The expert told Business Insider Mexico that appreciating the purpose and meaning we give our actions is the key to happiness.

In addition, the philosopher asserts that there are different levels of happiness:

The first of them is about having a pleasant life – having a good job, a career, a family, good carFactors to avoid a bad life.

The next level comes from the purpose and meaning we give life, from being part of something that makes a difference to contributing something outside of ourselves.

“The meaning is to find a relationship in what we do, not only in how it affects us, but in how it affects society in a positive way […]. The goal, Rastogi explained, is to have a sense of direction, knowing what you want to achieve in life.

The neurologist asserts that in addition to these factors, self-care and nurturing your emotions are vital to climbing into a sense of contentment, “before seeking happiness in the world, You need to take care of yourself, your care and your well-being“, She said.

He concluded: “True, lasting happiness begins with our personal care and well-being, and grows with meaning and purpose.”

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