Cheptegei-Kiplimo, two “tourists” in New York Stocking TOP

Cheptegei-Kiplimo, two “tourists” in New York Stocking TOP

Cheptegei and Kiplimo pose for a casual photo in New York / Results Weekly

Almost discarded personal records and first-level trademarks, The New York Half Marathon will take place on Sunday with the competition gaining more and more packaging. Joshua Cheptegee and Jacob Kiplimo, who train together in their home country, Uganda, and are great friends, will be the main focus of most media in the US. In the Big Apple and on a track full of swings, two of the best long-distance runners of the moment are on a good show.

They were both in NYC for a few days and were even sightseeing. Although when it comes to competition, the surroundings will obviously have the least. They are two “beasts” who only think of winning and emptying themselves onto the asphalt. In the only precedent that coincided with a half marathon, Kiplimo won, ahead of his compatriot. He was at the World Half Marathon in Poland, in Gdynia.

Kiplimo warns of the circle

“I’m happy to compete with Joshua,” said Kiplimo, the half marathon world record holder, with a soft smile. “We’ll do our best on Sunday, and I’ll do my best,” Jacob adds. At 22 years old, the world of the box office is at his feet. “I think it will be very difficult, but actually for me it is not that difficult because we will be running up and down. It is almost like a cross-country circuit,” he adds.

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