Chilango orders “guajolota” in Spain and the response to his request is incredible | Video

Chilango orders “guajolota” in Spain and the response to his request is incredible |  Video

Mexican tiktokero made Viral in social networks After applying the mold on the manager A Spanish restaurant who asked a Tamali cakeDon’t you know it could be Italian?

moment video Reached more than 660K views, more than 82 thousand likes And a little less 900 comments in a Mexican TikTok channel @plaparrieta, who was very self-confident went to a food establishment in Spain to order something unique Tamale cake or as it is colloquially known as “guajuluta”.

In the video you can see the moment Where the user asks without much blushing for a file Tamali cakeWhether it is green, red or sweet, the person responsible for Resturant He is stunned because he doesn’t know what to answer.

A diner gave a password for where to get these “Italian” cakes (Photo: Tiktok peplarrieta)

It’s Italian and also very big

At that time, a elderly dinner Tell him that so, he can have an “Italian” cake like the one he wants, somewhere else.

“This is Italian, it seems to me, it’s an extra, you can get it around here at Carrefour,” says the 60-year-old.

Mexican He continues the joke and asks if it is possible to get a green bun, which the man told him was most likely, since there were both.

Do you think there is green?

“Before it was two o’clock, now I don’t know…even chocolate,” says the restaurant

The video clip is cut there, Of course the comments were instant, while some ridiculed the responses of the Spaniards, other users of tiktoker to making fun of the situation And the distortion of the name Mexico.

The video went viral via tik tok But he also moved to Internet within hours.

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