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Christian Nodal is one of the most important Mexican singers today, not only because of his music songsbut also for their activities, which are followed by millions of users in social networks.

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In this sense, the 23-year-old artist recently revealed that he is leaving Mexico for Go live in the United States, in Los Angeles, California. He emphasized that the decision was due to his privacy, which would be violated in his country.

However, the answer did not convince the netizens who criticized Belinda’s ex-boyfriend, who accused him of “insolence” and that his “fame rose” for which he left the country in which he was born.

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Christian Nodal defends himself from criticism of living in the US

Days ago, during his announcement on social media, a translator revealed, “We are not and will not reveal” that the reason is the privacy and insecurity prevailing in the country.

“Living in Mexico is too complicated, you can’t taste anything,” the singer protested. He noted, “You cannot own your beautiful car or your beautiful home because everyone will know where you live, and everyone will know what your car is.”

In addition, he emphasized the Ferrari he owns and how difficult it is to get out in his country, because everyone knows where he is heading.

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Although Caporca-born singer Sonora admitted the reasons for his decision, some users criticized his departure from Mexico, remembering that it is precisely in the country where his music is most consumed.

“I spent some time telling them why I love the United States and that I would probably stay here and come up with their crap I’m staying in to show off the luxuries,” the artist said.

“Sure! I want to enjoy what I earn, but they have left the part where I don’t have privacy and security ugly. Is it new?”, he noted via Twitter.

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