Cognitive jamming, the key to avoiding negative thoughts

Cognitive jamming, the key to avoiding negative thoughts

the the human mind It never rests, and while the brain is a very powerful tool, it can also be Destroyer If he exercises very tight control over how we act and feel. the Cognitive distortion It is a technique that allows an individual to distance themselves from their thoughts without necessarily giving them importance, according to psychologist Miguel Ángel Risaldos, author of Is Fragile a Bad Thing?

This technique helps Inability to unpleasant thoughts. For Elena Cerezo, psychologist at El Prado Psicólogos, having good psychological health does not mean so much feeling good, but I feel goodAnd for this it is necessary to accept unpleasant thoughts and feelings.

Cognitive distortion allows us to understand that thoughts are just thoughts. If you are aware of this, you can free yourself from their powerful control over your behavior and it won’t be kind to you The merger between what reason tells us and reality.

If you can’t distance yourself from what your mind is saying, you will stop taking into account many personal experiences that may influence the way you think, and on some occasions, smear here and now. Rizaldos explains that when there is fusion, the person does not distinguish between ideas and reality.

thus, One tends to think that they are absolute truths And forget the contradiction with reality. Cognitive distortion is not understood without integration. This technique helps that unpleasant thoughts do not control the behavior of the person Don’t take the content of your ideas literally.

3 effective formulas to achieve this goal

There are three formulas for not engaging with thought and taking a distance:

  • Put before the thought the phrase “I am thinking of…”.
  • Stop thinking offending with phrases like “I’m already with the story that’s worthless” or “I’m already with the story that I’m stupid.”
  • Give them the voice of a character or comedian who makes negative or uncomfortable thoughts laugh. These methods help to distance a person from thoughts and not to give value to everything he thinks.

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