The Science Race will make traffic on Saturday morning

The Science Race will make traffic on Saturday morning

The Valladolid Municipal Police warns drivers who will make a spin near the Science Museum on Saturday morning to take extreme precautions due to the development of the popular science race. Most of the route will pass through pedestrian areas, although traffic will be cut off, from approximately 10:00 am to 12:30 pm, at crossroads to which participants are to take and in areas occupying the route (location marked in parentheses below).

road: Science Museum, Juan de Austria Bridge (they take up the entire road), Juan de Austria Park, Juan Altiscent, Walking Along the River, Espiritu Santo Street, Padre Francisco Suarez, Adolfo Suarez Bridge, Sánchez Arjona (crossing pedestrian steps), Padre José Acosta ( They conquered a pass, marked with cones), bat with Calle de las Mises, a dirt road parallel to Padre José Acosta, Club de la Rakita, and climbed to Cerro de las Contendas.

Descent by Misis Snowshoes, Padre José Acosta (they occupy a corridor marked with cones), Sanchez Arjona, Huerta del Rey Sports Center, Archbishop Jose Delicado, Suspension Bridge, Tunnel under the Bridge behind Las Agustinas, Juan de Austria Walk, Arturo Eyries Bridge and St. Medina del Campo (they invade a passage marked with cones) and a pedestrian area between the fields of CD Arces, El Palero, Doctor Sánchez Villares Street and the Square of the Science Museum.

Likewise, traffic through adjacent streets will be affected by the slower flow of traffic and occasional delays. The roads that will offer these modifications will be Salamanca Avenue, Arco de Ladrillo Promenade, Military Hospital Park, Zorrilla Promenade, Don Juan de Austria Park, Doctor Quemada Square and Medina del Campo Avenue.

Therefore, the municipal police invite you to avoid moving around the affected areas during the mentioned time period or, if necessary, to use public transport so as not to be hindered.

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