COMPANY / WellWo offers a wellness program to work for emotional health

COMPANY / WellWo offers a wellness program to work for emotional health

According to the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, one in five employees suffers from occupational burnout syndrome, the main characteristics of which are weariness, burnout, apathy and detachment caused by the workplace.

In this sense, emotional health plays a fundamental role in the work environment of the company, as it depends on the employee having the skills to face common situations that can generate stress, such as high workload, hard hours, sexual or workplace harassment and pressure from superiors to get the best results.

WellWo is a corporate wellness center that offers a workplace wellness program that aims to improve the emotional health of employees through a series of practical and effective activities designed to be implemented in all types of companies.

How does emotional health affect work?

A worker’s productivity, commitment and performance are directly related to his emotional state. When the employee expresses positive emotions such as happiness, optimism and commitment, his health increases and his ability to fully comply with the obligations transferred, which would be impossible if, on the contrary, he experiences negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, fear, sadness and depression.

In this sense, when the company works for the welfare of the work and satisfaction of the employees, it in return gets higher levels of productivity, performance and correct performance of each job. This in turn contributes to reducing worker absenteeism and employee turnover.

The key to any company’s success: Investing in emotional health

With the increase in cases of depression and anxiety seen in recent years, dealing with this situation has become a problem for companies that require priority and immediate attention. Any investment a company makes to strengthen the emotional health of its workers will result in benefits for the company as a whole.

Providing the necessary tools for individuals to recognize their abilities, skills, potential and limitations will allow them to face these circumstances that generate different feelings and to search for alternatives to overcome them. An emotionally and physically healthy individual is a good talent for any company and this can be achieved through programs that provide comprehensive work well-being that, in addition to emotional and physical health, includes nutritional, environmental, social and financial aspects. All these aspects are handled by WellWo, which is the perfect ally to become a healthy company.

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