Qualified professionals with transversal training

Qualified professionals with transversal training


Isabel Andres | @ isaandres1

USAL School of Law

The University of Salamanca offers 65 places to newcomers for this course with a pass rate of 84 percent.

The main objective of the course is to provide students with a deep understanding of the political life, structure and functioning of public administrations. Degree in Political Science and Public Administration from the University of Salamanca. The degree is ideal for those who wish to focus on their career in a highly flexible and dynamic field that offers great opportunities for the future.

To do so, this degree, with a duration of four academic years and a total of 240 credits, offers a total of 65 places to newcomers and has two specific third-year profiles, Political Science or Public Administration. The goal is that students can acquire transverse skills through flexible, hands-on training.

Teaching completed with Cooperation agreements in Latin America, Europe and the United States And practical training in international consultations and consultations applied to public bodies and civil society organizations. In addition, the study plan is designed to enhance professional projection towards the different levels of public administration, third sector organisations, policy, education and research in various institutional areas.

It is that professional opportunities of this degree focus on Professional advice and leadership In public administrations, NGOs, political parties and national and international companies. In total, according to the data provided by Charro’s study, The degree boasts an 84% pass rate.

Likewise, and as a complement to these studies, USAL offers an extension Dual degrees in Law, Political Science, and Public Administration, in Computer Science and Documentation, and in Political Science and Public Administrationin addition to nearly twenty Master’s degrees related to this subject such as Economic Analysis of Law and Public Policy, Democracy and Good Governance, Anti-Corruption Strategies, Integrity Policies, Interdisciplinary Gender Studies or European Union Studies, among others.

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