Con Aguero danced with Ugandan children in the streets of Qatar

Con Aguero danced with Ugandan children in the streets of Qatar

Former Argentine national team striker Sergio Con Aguero has been out and about in Doha with celebrity Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir and has been encouraged to dance with the Triplets Ghetto Kids, a group of young dancers from Uganda, before flashes of mobile phones. I captured the moment.

“My brother Agüero met my African brothers,” the chef wrote to describe the adorable moment between the former Independent and Ugandan boy band the Triplets Ghetto Kids who, upon seeing Kon, ran to hug him and then danced in his presence as if it were a carnival.

Sergio Aguero dancing with the children of the ghetto

Once the kids in the Portugal and Belgium jerseys passed by, it was Aguero’s turn to dance.

The chef who accompanied him to the former Manchester City was Burak Ozdemir, who gained great fame on social media for his videos with celebrities, including Aguero, who was the last to visit the chef’s restaurant in Qatar, and they recorded a video on Turkish social media. .

For his part, the Quilmes citizen is competing in the World Cup for the first time as a former soccer player after retiring in Barcelona and participates in the World Cup as a commentator in the media from his experience in the field of play and his distinctive charisma. which he featured on Twitch, the streaming platform.

Children of the Ghetto – Murphy’s Dance [ Official Video]

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