CONCACAF champion after defeating the United States in the final

CONCACAF champion after defeating the United States in the final

the Mexican national team His similar team was defeated 3-1 United State won in under heroism17 affiliate CONCACAF.

led ones Raoul Shebrand They’ve already made that commitment with Ticket To World Cup in Peru 2023but they wanted to be the best in this qualifying tournament.

At 9′, the referee scored a penalty kick in favor Tricolor due to a goalkeeper error Frye rotation on Brandon Lomeli. Stefano Carrillo He took charge of collecting the maximum penalty, hit a low shot and drove into the middle. In this way the attacker St. Lagoon He scored his eighth goal in the tournament.

The Mexicans lost intensity as the minutes passed, it was difficult for them to get into the area and with long shots they tried to make the difference wider.

The Americans responded shortly before the break. City cross He was hitting the ball from outside the area but the goalkeeper Paolo Pedulla Responded in time.

at 51 minutes, Damien Azkarat Put the ball in the area so that Louis Gabriel Navarrete He finished with a donut and a 2-0 micro setting.

led ones Gonzalo Segaris They entered the match again with a goal from Pedro Soma, in the 69th minute, although in the end he did not reach them.

In the final phase of the game, Frye rotation He committed another penalty and was expelled. Isaac Martinez He was responsible for putting the final 3-1 on the scoreboard.

he World Cup in Peru 2023 It will take place from November 10 to December 2. Mexico He won the title twice sub17: in 2005 with Jesus Ramirez And in 2011 with Raul Gutierrez.

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