Consumer: How the epidemic changed the way to buy – sectors – the economy

Consumer: How the epidemic changed the way to buy – sectors – the economy

Within the framework of the ten-year FTA Summit signed between Colombia and the United States, various experts discussed Changes in consumer mindset in the post-pandemic context and opportunities for businesses.

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Diana Mejia, general manager of Nielsen, noted that 62 percent of consumers have lost their purchasing power due to the pandemic and have not been able to recover it. Moreover, he said that Buyers are now more sustainable.

“Sustainability is becoming very important to the consumer. In the United States, all sustainable products are experiencing double-digit growth. This is a very big opportunity for companies here,” he explained.

In addition, Mejia noted that with the pandemic they are seeing how Colombians are choosing more to buy from local businesses because they know this can revitalize the economy faster.

For Andrés Cadena, Partner and Mackinsey’s Office Manager, not only has the consumer changed, but also their availability to purchase electronically, and businesses in general.

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“Other than buying, what changes is the ability to understand the products. It also changes the presentation faster. The profitability of companies that advertise sustainability programs is about 20 percent higher than those that do not.Cadena said, who noted that Colombia should position itself as a strategic partner of the United States on these issues.

Marco Tregos, of The Coca-Cola Company, emphasized that the companies’ job is to educate consumers to understand the impact of sustainable plans.

The consumer is becoming more sensitive and demanding. Find more about sustainability. The purpose of Coca Cola was to make a difference,” he said.

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