Jalisco opens office in Washington as part of economic relaunch – Occidental

Jalisco opens office in Washington as part of economic relaunch – Occidental

From May, Jalisco will have a presence and promotion among businessmen, investors and universities located in the city of Washington Governor Enrique Alvaro Ramirez said the process of revitalizing the economy is already crossing the border by setting up a government office in that city.

“We are ready to introduce you to what will be the Casa de Jalisco in Washington, which is one of the important bets to re-launch the economy of our state, as you know we have offices in Chicago and Los Angeles, but that will be where we will focus on part of the economic promotion,” he indicated through a video clip. Posted on his social networks.

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As part of his business tour of the neighboring country from the north, Alvaro Ramirez noted that the main function of these offices is to revitalize Jalisco’s economy in the neighboring country, and will also be a space for intensive management with companies and government from the United States.

This office will start operations in mid-May and is located on Pennsylvania Avenue, which goes directly to the White House, in the Washington Circle, and is strategically located because all levels of government are also represented in this area, as are the headquarters of international organizations such as the World Bank, the National Development Bank America, and the International Monetary Fund, among others.

“Jalisco will have a presence in the capital of the United States, thus also starting a new phase of our state’s international promotion to attract investment, create more jobs, and for Jalisco to continue to be the locomotive of this country’s economy,” I say.

Xavier Orendáin de Obeso, General Strategic Coordinator for Economic Development, explained that this office is an example of relaunching Jalisco, its economy and the international agenda of the Jalisco government, and that it will start with five important points for the state’s economy.

“The multi-browser link in the political capital of our main business partner, promoting our flagship products like Tequila; promoting the Jalisco avocado to the United States; and of course, linking the university to the talent that from here we can build a two-way highway to Guadalajara in attracting investment, will be a vital office for its relationship with the entire world, including Asia and Europe,” he noted.

The Minister of Economic Development, Roberto Arrechedira, said that he will also promote key Mexican products, link to Jalisco companies that wish to export to the neighboring country, hold their meetings and we will promote bilateral agendas with US governments. and Jalisco to promote economic development.

With this space, the Jalisco government has one foot in the state’s main trading partner capital, said Andrea Collin, Director of Investment Attractions, where it will know what Jalisco has to offer investors and the world and help Jalisco entrepreneurs in the process of establishing themselves in the United States.

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