Controversial election of Coca-Cola, one of the major plastics producers, as sponsor of COP27

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  • BBC News, climate and science correspondent

image source, Getty Images

“stunned”. This is how environmental activists and organizations around the world left behind the Egyptian government’s decision to allow Coca-Cola, one of the major plastics producers, to sponsor this year’s United Nations Climate Change Summit.

Activists told the BBC that the deal undermined the summit because most plastics are made from fossil fuels.

For its part, Coca-Cola defended its participation, saying it was “shares”. The goal is to eliminate waste Outreach efforts are appreciated.”

The so-called COP27 will be held in November this year in the resort of Egypt Sharm El-Shaikh And just last week, the Cairo government announced the signing of a sponsorship agreement with the US multinational soft drink company.

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