Could the Ebola outbreak in Uganda reach Europe?

Could the Ebola outbreak in Uganda reach Europe?

The likelihood of secondary transmission of the Ebola outbreak affecting Uganda in the EU within the EU, as well as the occurrence of sustained chains of transmission, remains “extremely low” because cases are likely to be quickly identified, isolated and appropriate follow-up measures put in place.

This was stated by the Coordinating Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), under the Ministry of Health, in its latest report on the Ebola virus disease situation in Uganda published on December 5.

In Spain and the rest of the European Union, the most likely route of introduction of the virus is through infected people coming from affected areas and traveling to the European Union or through medical evacuation of cases. Therefore, the risk of transmission for citizens living in Europe is “extremely low”.

CCAES monitors the situation on a daily basis through epidemiological intelligence activities. Existing work and case management protocols are being reviewed, along with a reassessment of health and hospital capacities to manage potential imported cases of Ebola virus disease, including coordination with the network of high isolation units. the level.

In addition, different NGOs were contacted to obtain updated information on health and other humanitarian professionals who have been or will be assigned to the affected areas and to establish a follow-up of these professionals once they return to Spain.

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