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EFE.- Puerto Rican street artist Bad Bunny has teamed up with well-known plastic shoe brand Crocs to release a new version of the “Classic Clog” on September 29, featuring cleverly decorated glow-in-the-dark sneakers.

“I believe in honesty and not being constrained, which is also something Crocs stands for, and that’s the message I’ve always wanted to make sure to send to my fans,” Bad Bunny said in a Crocs press release. Friday brand.

“As a longtime fan, creating my own design for Crocs has been so much fun. I hope they inspire others to enjoy their own way with a personal style that makes them happy,” he highlighted top Latin trap performer.

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According to several images provided by Crocs, the sandals will be available in white and green, and will feature bunny studs, luminous stars, and Saturn.

The shapes, as detailed by the company, “look like an old school ceiling and walls, forming a bright galaxy that stretches all night, bringing you back to the comfort of your childhood bedroom, a theme that played an important role in the design of this collaboration.”

Crooks, in turn, added in the text that Bad Bunny is one of the brand’s most loyal fans, sporting colorful clogs on stage, music videos, TV interviews and more.

“We love it when we have the opportunity to partner with people like Bad Bunny who have a real connection to the brand and embody our motto, ‘Come As You Are’,” Crocs Director of Global Marketing Heidi Cooley added in the statement.

“Inspired by his unapologetic stance and bold style, the classic Bad Bunny clog will stand out during the day and feel sexy at night with a touch of glamor in the dark,” he deepens.

Crocs also reported that earlier this week the artist partnered with Genius, an online digital music platform, to leave an “Easter egg” for his fans.

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