Cuba recognizes six decades of Ugandan diplomacy (+photos)

Cuba recognizes six decades of Ugandan diplomacy (+photos)

Kampala, October 28 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Embassy extended its thanks to the Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of diplomacy in the African country, it was announced today.

According to information sent to Prensa Latina by Ambassador Tania Pérez Chiquis, during an event held on the occasion of the anniversary, it was noted that it is a duty to recognize the long journey of Kampala’s diplomacy, and its contribution to the political life of the nation and politics. Ability to overcome new and growing challenges.

Perez Chiquis considered that the year 2024 would be a moment of professional growth for this sector because he holds the presidency of the Group of 77, China and the Non-Aligned Movement.

He considered that although the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the main implementer of Ugandan diplomacy, people and institutions were invited that, in his view, are also part of the promotion and defense of Uganda.

For his part, the Director of Regional and International Political Affairs at the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Philip Odeda, thanked the Cuban Embassy for this gesture and reviewed the most prominent moments of those six decades of work and the most prominent challenges it faces in facing the year 2024.

Odida acknowledged the contribution and example of the Caribbean island and its diplomacy in multilateral relations.

The evening, which was held on October 25, was attended by the Chairman of the Parliament’s International Relations Committee, Bigirwa Nora Nendoha, and the Ugandan Ambassador to Cuba, Elizabeth Musazi, among other officials.

Also present were the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations, Bernadette Olu Freese, the President of the Association of Retired Ugandan Diplomatic Service, representatives of the diplomatic service and organizations and institutions associated with the Cuban diplomatic headquarters. here.

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