Cuban Foreign Minister on an official visit to Uganda ›World› Granma

Cuban Foreign Minister on an official visit to Uganda ›World› Granma

Member of the Politburo of the Cuban Communist Party and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez Parilla, held a meeting, on Sunday, with Anita Annette Avon, Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, as part of his official visit to this African country.
According to Prensa Latina reports, the Cuban diplomatic chief at the meeting highlighted the historical friendship and cooperation that unites the two countries, as well as the common interest in further strengthening parliamentary relations, the Havana Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.
In a message posted on Twitter, the Ugandan MP highlighted bilateral cooperation in areas such as education, biotechnology, agriculture and health, particularly in the latter with training of professionals.
PL added that members of the Cuban-Uganda Parliamentary Group also took part in the meeting, which celebrated the development of cooperation projects between the two countries as a means of breaking the US embargo on the Caribbean island.
The Latin American News Agency added that Kampala and Havana support each other in international forums through the Non-Aligned Movement, the Group of 77 plus China and at the United Nations to defend and protect their interests and their political and economic ties.
Rodriguez arrived in Kampala from the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, where he met the highest government and parliamentary authorities.

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