Cummins and Isuzu’s alliance in the US is paying off


Production of the F Series with the B6.7 engine will begin at the end of 2021.

The alliance formed by Cummins e Isuzu In 2019, the first bears fruit with the launch of the F-series in the United States and Canada from the Japanese company with a Cummins B6.7 diesel engine.

The new 2022 F Series cars will be available in two models: FTR Class 6 and FVR Class 7; It will provide eight wheelbases.

The Isuzu F-Series will offer more cargo capacity compared to conventional cab competitors with a similar wheelbase, providing customers with more versatility in their applications to accommodate payloads that are heavier or more spacious.

Like the entire batch of units of the Japanese company, the FTR and FVR will have excellent maneuverability, visibility and comfort. It includes new LED headlights and an interior that increases your comfort and enhances the visual experience through the two-tone seats and upholstery.

The Cummins B6.7 engine is mated to a six-speed Allison® RDS automatic transmission. The durability of this powertrain is designed to meet the demands of power operators while providing the efficiency and reliability that owners need.

With 260 horsepower and 660 lb-ft of torque, the Isuzu F-Series will easily transport heavy payloads across urban environments. “For seeing it on the F Series,” said Rob Nitzky, CEO of Cummins On-Highway OEM Business.

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