Dinosaur “stormed” in the UN General Assembly hall to warn of a “climate disaster” (video)

Dinosaur “stormed” in the UN General Assembly hall to warn of a “climate disaster” (video)


Oct 28, 2021 15:41 GMT

Reptiles are urging world leaders to “stop looking for excuses and start making changes” to avoid extinction.

A video posted by the United Nations Development Program impersonated a dinosaur to send a message about the consequences of climate change and the risk of species disappearing due to human activity. “Don’t choose extinction,” is the appeal of the prehistoric crawler, recreated in audiovisual material.

In the photos, the animal stormed the hall of the United Nations General Assembly. Next, he took the microphone and addressed world leaders urging them to abandon fossil fuel subsidies. “Going out is not good and Cause your own extinction “It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life,” says the dinosaur, whose voice in the Spanish version belongs to Mexican actress Isa Gonzalez.

However, UNDP Communications Director Anjali Kwatra made it clear in a presentation that the campaign is seeking it Send a “message of hope” to the public.. “There is a crisis, we have to act and we have the solutions, we know what to do and we can do it,” precise quatra.

To make difficult words and concepts about climate change more understandable, especially for minors, and Explain it in the language of everyday life, an agency she has Launch a website and A tool called Saurus RexIt is part of the campaign and is available for download.

On the other hand, UNDP intends to talk about climate change with political leaders, after collecting opinions, hopes, concerns and solutions from many people through opinion polls available on a collective intelligence platform called Global Mindball.

“At least we had an asteroid,” says a dinosaur named Frankie, referring to the main cause of the multiple extinction that occurred about 66 million years ago. Thus, the reptiles are urging representatives of the member states of the General Assembly to “stop looking for excuses and start making changes” to the Avoid a repeat of the disaster That affect, among other things, the human race.

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